Tuesday, November 15, 2011

News: The reason you hate 'Twilight' + Sandler battles logic

Hate ‘Twilight?’ God/Cthulhu 
made you that way

                Do you hate the “Twilight” empire, its fans, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and most especially, the kid with the abs?
                According to a recent study by Kansas State University, it’s not your fault. Hating “Twilight” is encoded in your DNA. It’s stuck in the very fiber of your being, right next to hair color and whether or not you can wiggle your ears.
                Scientist-types have discovered there are two types of people walking the Earth, those who like fantasy and those who don’t.
                After an elaborate series of experimentations, it seems some folks are cool with accepting the limitless altered realities that exist in works of fantasy, while others prefer things that play by the rules.
                Science fiction, by the by, wasn’t included as fantasy since it tends to apply logic to the world it creates.
                People who liked fantasy were more prone to daydreaming and also were known to insert fantastical elements into works that were more grounded. For example: Imagining having the ability to fly in a straightforward story about watching a sunset.
                Read more about the study right here.
                So next time you see a grown woman on the bus reading a dog-eared copy of “New Moon,” resist the urge to punch her square in the face.
You need to punch her DNA in the face instead.
Source: MSNBC

Adam Sandler: Better when he sucks?
    Common sense indicates that when a movie is truly awful, it will make no money.
                Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Adam Sandler, defier of logic, smiter of common sense, dark knight of nonsense.
                Apparently, the worse reviews a Sandler movie gets, the better it performs at the box office.
                Sandler’s last six starring roles have all cashed in the more critics ripped them.
                Take for instance “Grown Ups,” which was the worst reviewed recent Sandler picture according to Rottentomatoes.com with only 10% of critics giving it a positive rating. Despite that, “Grown Ups” netted $162 million at the box office, making it his most successful recent outing commercially.
                His second-worst reviewed movie, the truly awful “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” is also his second highest-grossing.
                On the flip side of the coin, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” scored a 36% on Rottentomatoes, which is the equivalent of an Oscar in Sandler terms, and was also his least successful recent movie.
                Remember: As far as Adam Sandler is concerned--- Quality doesn’t equal $$$.
                Although, his latest offering--- the critically reviled “Jack and Jill”--- could be reversing the trend. It scored a paltry 3% on Rottentomatoes, but it won’t break box office records anytime soon. So perhaps America’s finally getting wise to Sandler’s game. We can only hope.
                Source: LA Times

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