Thursday, November 17, 2011

News: 'Immortals' pokes fun at 'Twilight' for being the girl-version of 'Immortals'

Sweet lord it’s a slow cheesy news day.
            As evidence of that fact, please watch this TV ad for “Immortals.”

In case you’ve already forgotten, “Immortals” is the most recent sepia-toned, CGI-heavy ancient Greek nightmare to loudly stumble into theaters.
                This latest TV spot takes aim at “Twilight” fans, saying basically: “Be a manly man this weekend and see our movie, while the women folk are watching ‘Twilight.’”
                Although it is an effective campaign, I’d have liked to see them take this idea a wee bit further. Maybe something along the lines of an ancient Greek guy sitting on a couch with his hand tucked down the front of his loin cloth yelling for more wine. Maximus Bundy indeed.
                Ah well. It’s all in good fun really since both films are appealing to essentially the same market: dumb people. “Immortals” brings in the dumb guys, “Twilight” gets the dumb girls. Either way, seems like a good weekend for the rest of us to steer clear of movie theaters entirely.
                Source: Joblo

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