Wednesday, November 16, 2011

News: ‘Bioshock’ creator hates America and money
                Apparently Ken Levine, creator of the hit videogame franchise “Bioshock,” is OK with not making oodles and oodles of cash.
                How downright un-American of him. He must be one of those 99% types. Hey, Levine why don’t you go and occupy something already? You know you want to.
                Levine recently dropped a bombshell on George Washington’s grave when he announced there doesn’t have to be a “Bioshock” movie. He is simply content to wait until the right opportunity comes along to make the best possible movie for fans and non-fans alike.
                Read the whole quote here.
                In other news, “Resident Evil 75” is currently in production, as is “BloodRayne 8: The Bloodening.”
                This man, despite the fact that he is clearly a socialist, has the right idea.
                We’ve seen so many truly repugnant videogame-to-big screen cash grabs, it’s refreshing to hear someone who actually cares about doing right by his fans.
                Kudos to you Mr. Levine, you are a man amongst men. Now step in line right over there, we’ve got to blacklist you before this kind of thinking spreads.   
                Oh beautiful, for spacious skies. Amber waves of grain…
                Source: Joblo

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