Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News: Beware of 'Pizza' + Corman gets a doc

‘Pizza’ turns Green

                Warning: If the pizza you’re eating is green, I’d advise you to throw it away immediately. Pizza is NOT supposed to be that color.
                On to the news. Adam Green, director of such horror classics as “Hatchet” and “Hatchet 2” has got himself a new project. And as I reported here a little bit ago, it’s not “Hachet 3.”
                Nope, Green is trying his blood-splattered hand at a potentially family-friendly horror/comedy called “Killer Pizza.”
                Sadly, the movie isn’t about a pizza that somehow gains consciousness and starts butchering people left and right to avenge its countless slain and consumed brethren. I’d absolutely watch that movie.
                What it is about is a group of kids take a job at a local pizza shop, only to find out the shop is merely a front for a group of monster-hunters. Turns out the kids are the group’s newest recruits.
                Meh. It’s OK, but I like the pizza that kills people idea way better.
                Green is slated to direct and already wrote the script. The whole thing is based off the book by Greg Taylor.   
                Source: Joblo

Corman gets a doc

                Filmmaker Roger Corman, one of the Kings of the B-movie genre, is the subject of a new documentary, called “Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel.”
                Corman is renowned for making incredibly cheesy, entertaining movies really fast and for next to nothing. And of course he did it all outside of the studio system because none of that nonsense would interest them in the least bit. Nope, they’re more concerned with burning hundreds of millions of dollars on “Where’s Waldo?”
                The movie will chronicle his prolific career making cheese-tastic classics such as the original “Fast and the Furious,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” and many many more.
                Check out the trailer. For fans of B-movies, this is a can’t miss.
                Source: Bad Movie Nite

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