Tuesday, November 8, 2011

News: Waldo has been found at MGM!

Apologies, but due to meddling forces outside of my control, there won’t be a review this week. And amazingly enough, those outside forces in NO WAY involve my own debilitating laziness. First time for everything I suppose.

                Where’s Waldo? At MGM, of course

                Over the last few years I feel like there’s been a “Well Hollywood is officially out of ideas” moment lurking around every turn, waiting to strike.
                I mean, who among us doesn’t remember where they were when they heard the “Prom Night” remake was coming out? Or what about a THIRD “Chipmunks” movie?
                Just when you think Hollywood can’t get more creatively bankrupt, it grabs a stick of dynamite and blasts its way through rock bottom. And Hollywood is digging its way all the way to China with this latest crazy scheme.
                MGM is planning on making a “Where’s Waldo?” movie.
                What they plan on using for a plot remains to be seen. Unless the movie just consists of one shot of huge crowd, with a guy in red and white stripes hidden somewhere amongst them. First one to spot him gets their money back!
                Details remain scarce, but MGM President Jonathan Glickman confirmed it would be a live action family adventure.
                Between this, “Carmen Sandiego” and “Battleship,” we seem to be entering a craptastic new golden age. I still can’t wait for the “Risk” movie. It doesn’t end, it just keeps going and going until everyone in the audience gives up and leaves.
 I know! Liam Neeson could play a general!  

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