Tuesday, November 22, 2011

News: Tell the kids! 'Chopping Mall' remake is a go!

Scraaape. Scraaaaaape.
                What’s that noise? Why, it’s the sound of Hollywood scraping the bottom of the remake barrel of course.
                Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Chopping Mall,” an 80’s cheese fest about a group of kids trapped in a mall after closing time with three murderous security robots. 

                Robert Hall, a guy who made his bones as a makeup artist, will direct though he’s no fan of the killer robot angle from the original. Instead, he plans to go with a more “supernatural” menace, while keeping the whole kids trapped in the mall thing.
Was anyone really clamoring for a “Chopping Mall” remake? Better question: Does anyone even remember “Chopping Mall?”
                Oh well. I’m not sure I completely agree with Hollywood’s new "remake everything" policy, though I must say I'm waiting with baited breath for the “Future War” redo.
                Source: Arrow in the Head

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