Wednesday, November 2, 2011

News: More from the 'Reunion'

Ahh… more news from the sequel that no one asked for… or wanted--- “American Reunion.”
                Whereas the first trailer took the bold and disgusting pro-masturbating in front of children stance, this new trailer is a bit more tame.
                I guess. In case you were curious where the rest of the gang ended up, well, here you go. Oz is bangin’ the hot chick from “30 Rock,” one of them has a beard, Stiffler is sexually harassing women at work, Jim’s dad is… around. Sweet jesus god there’s nothing there!
                Get ready for that for 90 minutes. Well, that, and a mountain of masturbation jokes. You know, only high quality stuff from the “American Pie” franchise.
                Here’s the trailer. The song that plays through most of it is pretty awesome. I’m kind of tired of “Laid,” at this point. Still, I guess they have to play it. It’d be like going to a Wheatus concert and not hearing “Teenage Dirtbag.” People would riot. Chaos would reign. Panic on the streets!
                Please, America. Don’t the right thing and avoid this movie. If we don’t, then by god the terrorists will win.
                Source: Joblo  

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