Thursday, December 8, 2011

News: Remakes galore!!

'Evil Dead' gets a date
It’s official: “The Evil Dead” remake really, really is happening because has a release date.
                And by god, once a movie has a release date, there’s just no going back on that. It’s a sacred, unbreakable bond between studios and the movie going public that allows them to exist. Unless you’re Dimension Films, producers of “Piranha 3DD,” in which case anything goes.
                John Q. Public be damned.
                The big day is… here you’d be hearing a drum roll if I had one saved on my computer, I don’t… April 12, 2013.
                I’d be more excited, except for that whole Mayan thing… so… yeah.
                If we’re all still around in 2013, I’ll give this movie a chance. After all, the pedigree is there: original creators Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell are all involved. Every now and again a remake comes along that doesn’t suck. This could be one of them.
                Source: Joblo
And then there’s this one

                Do we REALLY need an “American Psycho” remake? Blah.
                The massively controversial film starring Christian Bale, based off the even more controversial book by Brett Easton Ellis is getting a remake of its very own.
                You know how we talked about the pedigree of the “Evil Dead” remake and its legacy being in good hands? Well, I’m not sure the same can be said about “American Psycho.”
                The script is being written by the director of the Academy Award winning film “The Social Network.” Whoops! Make that the second-unit director, Noble Jones. You know, the guy who shoots a bunch of scenery and extras and such?
                Yeah, I’ve got no interest in this. Plus, who’s going to fill Bale’s shoes? The guy’s Batman AND Jesus.
                Source: NY Daily News

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