Tuesday, December 6, 2011

News: Jack Bauer and The Rock

'24: The Motion Picture' NOT dead?

                That’s right, Jack is back. Again. Umm… yay??
                It looks like terrorist bulldozing super-agent Jack Bauer will finally be making his way from the small screen to the big one.
                Fox and Imagine Entertainment confirmed they were eyeing Spring 2012 to start production on “24.” In the meantime, Mark Bomback, of “Wolverine” fame, is set to work on the script.
                I used to be a huge fan of “24.” I watched the pilot on a whim way back in 2001 and was instantly hooked on the real-time thriller for the next 5 years or so. Then, after I realized the terrorist plot well had run dry, I gave up. The show limped on without me until 2010 when Jack took his final bow.
                Will I see this movie? Meh. God knows. After eight seasons, is there really anything left to threaten Jack with? This is a guy who’s had EIGHT worst days of his life. A man who’s come face-to-face with dozens of atomic weapons. A man who’s spent months wasting away in a Chinese prison camp.  A guy who saw his wife murdered by his most trusted friend and whose daughter was once severely menaced by a cougar. Everyone he’s ever known, loved or Facebook friend-requested is dead.
                What the hell is there left to do? Balls in you court Bomback. Give me a reason.
                Source: Bad Movie Nite    
Bay + The Rock= Awesome

                It’s a proven formula. Whenever Michael Bay and the rock get together, good, cheesy things happen.
                Bay’s first run-around with the rock was a 1996 thriller starring Sean Connery set on Alcatraz, or as it was affectionately known: The Rock.
                This time, the rock in question is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who while not quite as big as an island is pretty damn close.
                Apparently, Johnson--- or as I like to call him: The People’s Champ--- is in talks to fill one of the leading roles in Bay’s upcoming dark comedy “Pain and Gain.”
                No word yet on whether Rock is looking to play “Pain” or “Gain.” Also no word on whether there even will be characters named Pain and Gain, by but god a man can dream.
                The story follows two bodybuilders who get caught up in a kidnapping scheme gone terribly wrong.
                Word on the streets is that Bay wants Mark Wahlberg as the other lead, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.
                Bay + The Rock + Marky Mark=????
                I think I just broke math. That equation is just too awesomely bad to quantify.  
                Now if Bay could only shake this pesky “dark comedy” thing and just go whole hog action spectacle, like we all know he wants to. The results would be beautiful.
                Source: Joblo  

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