Thursday, December 22, 2011

News: Cheese in Theaters 12/23/11 Edition

My precious! It's going to be here soons it is!
Back to slim pickings in terms of new releases once again this week, but here we go.

                Albert Nobbs- 44%, Certified Rotten

                What the heck is it: A period drama set in 19th century Ireland starring Glenn Close as a woman forced to dress as a man for some reason. Thirty years later, a new love threatens to reveal her secret to the world. Gasp!
                What critics said: "The result of [Close's] passion project? Getting to look like Bruce Jenner in a bowler and high starched collar." -Melissa Anderson, Village Voice

                What the heck is it: A kid is convinced his dad, who died during the 9/11 attacks, has left a message hidden for him somewhere in New York City. Naturally, he sets out to find this message and embarks on some sort of life-altering journey of discovery. Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock star, yet I’ve never heard of it so it must be awful.
                What critics said: "It more resembles a spindly kid running around and screaming for two hours before a hastily applied Hollywood ending shuts him up." -Grae Drake,

              Well, Planet Earth, not much left to say except Bumblebee tuna and a Merry Christmas to all. Please enjoy this classic scene from the all time holiday classic "Jingle All the Way!!"

And how about this memorable moment from "Christmas Vacation"

And finally, here's the greatest Christmas tune of all time to get you in the holiday spirit!

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