Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News: More from The Rock plus new Bond is good!

New trailer from The Rock!!! (feat. G.I. Joes)

Sweet merciful crap The Rock is everywhere! I’m not complaining, mind you. Simply stating a wonderful, bad ass fact.
Just last week you and I gabbed about how he might be teaming up with Michael Bay. But, that’s the distant future. This news concerns the slightly less distant future. Feast your eyes on the brand new trailer for the “G.I. Joe” sequel.

I must say, I’m at the point where I’d be willing to watch The Rock in anything just to keep him in action movies and out of Disney’s pocket. I can’t take another “Tooth Fairy.” I just can’t.
“G.I. Joe 2” might even be entertaining. At the very least it could be good for some cheesy fun. Of course, I never saw part one of this saga, so who knows?
 Problem: Where the heck was Cobra Commander? It concerns me that I didn't see him, although I did see someone pretty freakin’ awesome and very unexpected in the trailer. I guess it all balances out. Good times.
“G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation” hits theaters 6/29/12 and stars The Rock and his awe-inspiring biceps. There might be a few other folks in there too, can’t say for sure.
Source: Youtube

Bond himself says
‘Skyfall’ actually good

                It’s on the record boys and girls. Mr. Bond himself, Daniel Craig has promised his latest 007 adventure, “Skyfall” won’t suck. You know, like the last one--- “Quantum of Solace”--- did.
                Craig spoke candidly with Time Out about the difficulties of making “Quantum” during the depths of the writer strike.
Among the highlights? The fact that he and the film’s director Mark Foster ended up writing parts of the movie just to get it done. “And a writer I am not,” Craig mused.
Now, I know some people enjoy this kind of honesty when it comes to actors trashing their own works. Not me, though. I’m flat out sick of it. I paid my hard-earned money to see “Quantum” in theaters. I’m sure Craig did the late night rounds summoning average Joes like myself to take out their wallets. So unless this sudden outpouring of honesty is going to come with a full refund, shut up.
I trusted you then, why should I trust you now? Just leave your past movies in the past and move the hell on.
Read more of the interview right here.
Either way, the best Bond movie made since "GoldenEye" was "Inception." You heard me.
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