Wednesday, December 28, 2011

News: ‘Killer Klowns’ are invading… AGAIN!

                That’s right folks. Some said it couldn’t be done, that pigs would fly and Michael Bay would make a 90 minute movie before it ever happened and yet… here we are.
                It gives me great pleasure to announce that “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” is getting the sequel/remake treatment, at the hands of its original creators, the Chiodo Brothers.
                Or as the brothers are referring to it: the “requel” treatment.
                In case you’ve forgotten, the 1988 original was about a group of dastardly aliens who come to Earth to do a lil’ invading. What’s even worse for humanity? The aliens all look like clowns and use hilariously, clown-esque weapons. As is often the case, the only people who knew what the hell was going on was a group of kids, so naturally the fate of the planet rested in their hands.
                Good times.
                No word yet on when the movie will be written/start shooting/ get to the theaters.
                Source: Bad Movie Nite

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