Wednesday, February 20, 2013

News: Snipes is back and fighting zombies

So Wesley Snipes is back. I mean, not really. He’s still in prison for tax evasion, but luckily he was able to find some time while on the lam to film a new movie.
                It’s amazing how that works isn’t it? Back in the day, going on the lam meant jumping on trains when they slowed to go around a bend and hiding out in the woods and stuff.
                Times they are a-changing indeed. Now you get to film cheesy zombie-western movies while on the lam.
                Snipes’ latest work is “GallowWalkers.” In it he plays a bounty hunter-type guy who walks around the old west looking badass. Only problem? He just so happens to be cursed and everyone he kills comes back to life as a sorta zombie demon creature hell bent on revenge. Sucks. So, our hero joins forces with a fancy pants young gunman who could help him conquer his enemies and maybe even the curse once and for all.
                Check out the trailer.

                “GallowWalkers” doesn’t have a release date yet, but it looks like it could be a decent amount of hokey fun. Snipes may not know how to fill out a tax form, but by god the man knows one-liners and action movies.

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