Thursday, February 7, 2013

News: 'Godzilla' goes classy?

Excuse me while I do my best “dopey NFL analyst” impression:  “When you’re talking about cheesy movies, you’re talking about ‘Godzilla!’”
                Sure that’s a hacky way of putting it, but it’s also hard to argue with I mean, bad dubbing, guys in monster suits stepping on model buildings, it’s all pretty cheesy. Even the original, as smart as it is, is totally guilty.
                But then along comes all this talk about a remake. A remake written by Frank Darabont, the guy who helped bring “The Walking Dead” to the small screen and who also made a little thing called “The Shawshank Redemption.” That’s what we in the business call a heavy hitter.
                And now there’s this tidbit: Bryan Cranston, star of TV’s “Breaking Bad” and Elizabeth Olsen, or as you may know her, “The Good Olsen,” are currently in talks to star in this thing.
                Nothings official yet, but holy hell! The “Godzilla” remake is shaping up to be pretty f’n awesome. I’m not sure how to handle all this. My head’s spinning.
                I mean the studio’s got to hire Michael Bay to direct this thing, right? Just to balance it all out. There’s simply way too much class.
                Hell, at least put a guy in a rubber monster suit for old time’s sake, what do you say?
                After all, if you can’t count on “Godzilla” to be cheesy, then my god, what can you count on? We’ll see how this whole thing plays out. The remake hits theaters May 16, 2014, just in time for yours truly’s birthday, by the by.
                Info: Arrow in the Head

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