Tuesday, February 12, 2013

News: Date with 'Birdemic' is set

Well, if there was ever a place to announce the release date for your movie about birds, Twitter would be that place. The logo’s a bird, after all. A match made in heaven.
                And this isn’t just any movie about birds. It’s the sequel to THE movie about birds. No, not “The Birds.” I'm talking about “Birdemic,” the hilariously horrible movie about badly computer-animated birds attacking bad actors.
                Somehow that film’s creator, James Nguyen, has convinced people to give him enough money to make a sequel.
                Yesterday, Alan Bagh, star of the original and the sequel, tweeted word of the release date out to the world.
                Residents of Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Paris and London, prepare yourselves. “Birdemic II: The Resurrection” is coming to your town this June.
                Exciting news for yours truly, as that means I’ll be able to see this thing on the big screen, where I’ll be able to really appreciate the craptitude.

                Craptitude indeed. Bumblebee tuna.

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