Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News: Bad Paul Anderson invades Pompeii

I don’t have any kids. I’ve got two cats that I refer to as my children, but that’s only so believable considering they’re tiny and furry and look nothing like me and are from another species. So yeah, cats no kids.
                But one day, when I do have children who are from the same species, in addition to the usual stuff like potty training and how ride a bike, there’s one life lesson I’ll probably spend a significant portion of time on:
                The epic saga of the “Good Paul Anderson” and the “Bad Paul Anderson,” or as they prefer to be called Paul Thomas Anderson, director of critical darlings like “There Will Be Blood” and “Boogie Nights” and Paul W.S. Anderson, director of mostly crap. Fun crap, but crap nonetheless.
                There’s a news story in here somewhere, trust me.
                Anyway, so a quick summary of said saga: Paul Thomas spends months slaving over his art, he has critics falling over themselves for a whiff of his socks and the basement/attic full of awards, but ol’ Paul W.S. can sleepwalk through another “Resident Evil,” get paid a giant pile of money and then go home at the end of the day to his gorgeous wife, Milla Jovovich.
                The lesson in all this is either there’s hope for all of us or life is patently unfair … depending on your perspective.
                So that was really just a long and winding way of saying: Hey there, Paul W.S. Anderson is making a new movie!
                It’s called “Pompeii,” and it’s set in the city of Pompeii right before the volcano Pomp… I mean, Vesuvius erupts.
Emily Browning of “Sucker Punch” fame has just signed on to play one half of a pair of star crossed lovers. Kit Harrington, of “Game of Thrones” (not sure who he is), is the male half.
So he ends up getting shipped out of town right before the world goes to hell, then he decides to come back and try to save his lady and best friend.
Apparently “The Three Musketeers” wasn’t enough to satisfy Paul W.S. hunger for costume-action-dramas.
Shooting is set for April everybody, so there’s still time to him to cram Milla in this thing somehow.
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