Thursday, February 28, 2013

News: Disney prepares 'super-finger' for 'Cars' fans


Remember the days when Dane Cook ruled the world?
                Boy did they suck.
                Every time anyone tried to tell a story, it turned into a Dane Cook routine --- nothing but a crazy amount of details, over-the-top hand gestures and spastic poses and lots of pacing back and forth.
                You’d spend half of their lengthy monologue praying for it to end and the other half trying not to get smacked in the face.
                And three or four failed attempts at movie career and poof! Suddenly we all agree Dane Cook is a douchebag and that’s that. No more painful comedy routines masquerading as conversations.
                But now this news happens.
                Dane Cook is all set to voice the lead character Dusty in the Disney animated film: “Planes.”
                Yup, that’s right Disney has a spinoff of “Cars” chambered. With no involvement from Pixar. Initially this thing was supposed to go straight-to-video, but then Disney changed its mind and decided to ship it into theaters on August 9 of this year.
                The story goes: Dusty wants to race, but he wasn’t built to race. So, he meets up with a veteran racer who shows him the ropes. There you go. That story with Dane Cook voicing the lead. And no help from Pixar. And a former straight-to-video background.
                Should be awesome.

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