Tuesday, February 19, 2013

News: 'Last Exorcism II' poster action

Whether anyone likes it or not, “The Last Exorcism Part II” is happening. There’s nothing you or I or any of the world’s major governing bodies can do to stop it.
                Right out of the gate, let’s just ignore the inherent contradiction of having the words “last” and “part II” within the confines of the same title.
                I mean, it doesn’t make sense. How can the last anything have a second part? Never mind.
                The first “Last Exorcism” was a pretty, pretty cool mockumentary-style possession flick. It put a few new twists on the exorcism genre and had a little fun with some of the typical conventions along the way. This one seems to go the “Blair Witch 2” route, at least in the sense that it’s kicked the mockumentary thing to the curb in favor of traditional moviemaking techniques.
                Having seen a handful of trailers, I’m pretty sure this movie is going to be awful, but it’s already been shot and it’s going to theaters on March 1, so what can we do?
                That being the case, the studio figured it might as well promote the thing, and thus they gave us the brand new poster you can see to the left.
                And well, it’s red. It’s got what looks like a pentagram scratched into it. Nell, our leading lady looks mad. There’s a house. Yup, it’s a devil movie alright.
                In “Part II,” Nell gets to work putting her life back together after the um … tragic events of “Part I.” But then the devil and crew show up again and things go all to heck.   
                So is this the LAST “Last Exorcism” or will there be more final chapters??? Only the opening weekend gods can pass judgement and they ain’t talking.
                Info: Arrow in the Head

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