Thursday, January 12, 2012

News: Stallone...Schwarzenegger...Cross?
Arnie and Sly=BFFs

                Apparently co-starring in one testosterone-fueled thrill ride together just wasn’t enough for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.
                If seeing the manly duo kicking butt and taking names in theaters on Aug. 12 in “The Expendables 2” wasn’t enough, then you’re in luck.
                The two are both reportedly circling a project called “The Tomb.”
                The films tells the story of a man who designs prisons, who ends up wrongfully accused of a crime and then guess what happens? He gets put in one of the prisons he helped design! Imagine that. While in there, he has to track down the person who set him up.
                Seems Stallone will be playing the prison designer, with Schwarzenegger’s role as yet undetermined, although I could easily see him stepping into Morgan Freeman’s role from “Shawkshank.” A lil narration for the big guy would be fantastic.
                Make it happen Hollywood!
                Source: JoBlo
Cross calls “Chipwrecked” crap!

                David Cross, one of the stars of the squeaky-monstrosity “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked,” does NOT want you to go see his movie, which currently holds a 13%, Certified Rotten rating on
                Cross slammed the film during an appearance on “Conan.”
                He called it: “a big commercial for Carnival Cruise Lines.”
                As if that wasn’t enough, he also criticized one of the producers, calling her “the personification of what people think about when they think negatively about Jews.” 
               Cross, who appears in the film dressed as a giant pelican (you never see his face), didn’t want to be on set and wanted to record his lines and have them dubbed in. Seems this one mean lady wanted him on set and since he’d signed a three-picture contract, he had to be there.  
                Cross is taking a lot of heat for his Jewish comment, but I’m going to sidestep all that noise and instead focus on him trashing his own movie, which is a minorpet peeve of mine if you remember.
                STOP IT! Celebrities, DO NOT trash your films, unless you are personally going to issue a refund to every single person who went to see it. If you’d rather keep your money, then keep your mouth shut.
                If you think your movie is crap, don’t tell people. Just keep it to yourself and move on please. You’re not building street cred or coming off hip.
You, David Cross, are the genius who signed the three picture “Chipmunks” contract. You honestly thought they could make ONE good “Chipmunks” movie, let alone three? Shut up, cash your check and go make that “Arrested Development” movie we’ve been hearing so much about.
                And it BETTER be good.
                Source: NY Daily News  

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