Wednesday, January 4, 2012

News: ‘Evil Dead’ gets a leading lady!

                Well sports fans, it looks like “The Evil Dead” remake has found itself a leading lady: Lily Collins.
                Who the hell is Lily Collins? Apparently she’s been making the crappy movie rounds lately: she was in that awful-looking Paul Bettany movie “Priest” and she was in that awful-looking Taylor Lautner movie “ABduction.”
                Next she can be seen in the Julie Roberts Snow White thing “Mirror Mirror.” Not by me, but I guess someone will see it.
                Anyway, has said she’s playing “basically the new Ash.” THE NEW ASH! I assume by that, they mean she’s going to be the main character and get stuck fending off demons. Whether or not she’ll be able to wield chainsaws and one-liners, well that remains to be seen.
                Fingers crossed this isn’t a disaster.
                Source: Arrow in the Head

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