Tuesday, January 3, 2012

News: 'Manos' is back, but bad times for piranhas

‘Piranha’ headed to DVD?

            First “Piranha 3DD” was pulled from Dimension’s fall schedule and not given a new, definitive release date.
Now it looks like there’s more bad news on the way for our beloved and wholly misunderstood little fishies, this time it’s courtesy of our friends from across the pond.
The British Video Association has announced the film won’t be hitting theaters EVER in the U.K. and will instead be heading right to DVD/Blu-Ray on March 19.
A straight to DVD release for “Piranha 3DD,” which promises to be one of the defining films of this or any generation. The horror. It’s like taping a “kick me” sign on the pope for god sakes! Have you no respect?
Still, there’s some hope. There’s been no official word yet on whether this cruel fate also awaits “Piranha” on this side of the pond. Dimension hasn’t said much other than the movie will come out “sometime in 2012.”
From here on out, it’s just a waiting game.
Until then, rewatch the film’s majestic first trailer again and again. Remember the good times. Stay strong and keep your head held high. Ving Rhames and his shotgun legs would have wanted it that way.

‘Manos: The SEQUEL’ actually happening!

            Well, it’s good to see there’s some good news on this bleak Tuesday in January.
            “Manos: The Search for Valley Lodge, the sequel to the 1966 cult classic “Manos: The Hands of Fate,” is actually a go! So sayeth its creator, Rupert Talbot Munch Sr.
            Fangoria Magazine recently caught up with Munch, who started making “The Search for Valley Lodge” way back in 2008 on a dare. Seems, he’s still working on it. He’s got a cast and everything.
Returning from the first film are Tom Neyman, who will be reprising his role as “The Master,” and Jackey Raye Neyman-Jones who returns as “Debbie.”
Munch Sr. will be stepping into the large prosthetic knees of “Torgo,” replacing the deceased John Reynolds who portrayed the satyr/hotel day manager in the original.
Former WWE superstar Gene Snitsky and former WWE diva/Playboy Playmate Maria Kanellis are also on board to lend some muscle and a pretty face respectively, though I won’t say which is bringing what.
            The original film is widely considered to be one of, if not THE worst movie of all time, so naturally a sequel was in order… a scant 46 years later.
 You can check out my review of “Manos: The Hand of Fate” right here.
            Source: Arrow in the Head

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