Friday, January 27, 2012

News: Cheese in Theaters
                One for the Money- 0%, Certified Rotten

                What the heck is it: Katherine Heigl plays a Jersey girl who is short on case so she enters the lucrative and sexy world of uhh… bail bonds. It isn’t long before she ends up hot on the heels of a bail jumper who just so happens to be her ex-flame. OHHHH boy! I can’t even begin to guess how THAT turns out! Some are calling this Heigl’s “Raging Bull,” as the notorious blonde goes brunette GASP! Suck it De Niro.  
                What critics said: “It's official: Katherine Heigl will not rest until every last person on Earth is a misogynist.” David Ehrlich, Boxoffice Magazine
                “No wonder Lionsgate chose not to screen the finished product in advance for review. ‘One for the Money’ is a surefire example of inept filmmaking, absolutely reeking of rote desperation.” -Dustin Putman,

Worthington grows a damn scruffy beard.
                Man on a Ledge- 22%, Certified Rotten

                What the heck is it: Depending on which trailer you watch this is either about an ex-cop (Sam Worthington) who stands on a ledge while a season negotiator (Elizabeth Banks) does her best to talk him down or a heist movie featuring a lot of adorable, comedic bantering between its two unknown leads. Not sure which is more accurate.
                What critics said: “‘Man on a Ledge' is our first legit contender for Best Worst movie of the year.” -Richard Roeper, Richard

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