Thursday, January 5, 2012

News: ‘Piranha’ safe + duo back for more 'Activity'

‘Piranha’ safe and sound?
                Breathe easy America, rest your troubled brows. For the moment, all is well. Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and moose are doing whatever it is they do. Moosing.
                The thing we most feared, a direct-to-DVD release for “Piranha 3DD,” has been avoided.
                John Gulager, the film’s director, has confirmed “Piranha” will indeed see the insides of theaters all across this great and wonderful land of ours at some point during the spring of 2012. A little early for Oscar season, but it’s OK, we’ll make do.
                Gulager claims an outbreak of “winter” delayed the production, which in turned made the film’s original November release date downright unrealistic. He pointed out it would have been cruel to ask a bunch of bikini-clad coeds to frolic around in freezing cold water for hours on end. I guess.
Not sure why someone couldn’t just say all this sooner and save me, Rick Santorum and the rest of this country a lot of sleepless nights.
                Read the rest of what he had to say here.
                Of course, this is all coming from John Gulager, the crazy guy from the third season of “Project Greenlight” who kept trying to put his dad in everything. So take it for what it’s worth.
                Source: Collider
‘PA3’ duo maybe back for ‘PA4’
                Sometime after the first “Paranormal Activity” came out, I loudly proclaimed how it was awesome and there’s no need for a sequel. In fact, any attempt at a sequel would surely fail in resounding fashion.
                Then “Paranormal Activity 2” came out and was right on par with the first. Naturally, I announced they got lucky, but surely if they press on and go for part three, their luck will run out.
                 And then “Paranormal Activity 3” came out and was also really good and enjoyable, so now as part four looms on the horizon, well I don’t know what to think.               
                That’s just my long-winded way of saying Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, directors of “Paranormal Activity 3” are back and ready to tackle part four, making them the franchise’s first ever repeat directors.
            Bold move. It’s like playing Russian roulette and pulling the trigger twice.
If you ask me, this franchise has been on borrowed time for a while now. It seems inevitable that eventually the filmmakers are going to look down and realize they ran out of highway several miles back. And from there it’s a long way down. Just ask the coyote.
Will it be Joost and Schulman giving the sad wave before taking the plunge? Will “Paranomrmal Activity 4” be their Roadrunner?
Find out on Oct. 19, 2012.
Source: First Showing


  1. Does Ving Rhames really have machine gun legs in the sequel?

  2. haha if i remember correctly, they are shotguns, but yes they decided to one up grindhouse lol. movie looks nuts