Tuesday, January 24, 2012

News: New date for Razzies

The Razzies are packing their bags, pulling up stakes and hitting the road.
                The beloved awards ceremony--- which celebrate the worst movies of the year--- has a new date and it’s quite fitting: April 1, or as it’s better know: April Fool’s Day.
                The Razzies traditionally have announced their nominations the day before the Oscars announces theirs and then held their ceremony one day before the actual Oscar festivities.
                Well, no longer. The Razzies nominees will be announced one day before the Oscar telecast, on Feb. 25 and then it’s off to the actual ceremony on April Fool’s Day.
                What’s the reason behind this madness? "We want to try something different this year," Razzie founder John Wilson told GoldDerby.com. Hmm. Makes sense.
                Wilson was quick to point out if it doesn’t work, they can always change it back next year. Can’t argue with that logic.
                Check back on Feb. 25 for full Razzie coverage right here if you please.
                Source: CinemaBlend  

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