Tuesday, January 22, 2013

News: 'Baywatch' star announced!!

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                Every so often the world hits on an idea that just makes you stand up and go “Yes! That is correct! We need more of that!”
                This is one of those times. I'm so excited about this, I just had to share it.
                Oh I don’t know, about a year and a half ago I snarkily reported to you good folks about a big screen remake/reimagining thing of the classic TV series “Baywatch.”
                Back then I told you Peter Tolan, creator of “Rescue Me” had just finished work on the script and everyone was just waiting for Paramount to make a move.
                Well, a move has been made.
                Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the just-hired star of the big screen adaptation of “Baywatch” … 

William “Bill” Hader!!! True f’n story if you’ll allow me to work blue for a minute.
Yes, the best thing to happen to “Saturday Night Live” since some kid named Ferrell, Bill Hader will step into Hasselhoff’s trunks and chest hair in the film that’s being described as a “funnier remake akin to ’21 Jump Street’” according to CinemaBlend.
“Reno 911” veteran Ben Garant is slated to direct he film. No word on whether or not Tolan’s script is still at play or if any rewrites are in store. Filming is set to begin in April if all goes according to plan.
Either way, it’s safe to say we should all be very, very excited about this. Very.
Info: CinemaBlend   

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