Thursday, January 10, 2013

News: Wayans and crew talk 'Haunted House'

Now that the “Paranormal Activity” franchise seems pretty nearly cooked after part four, it’s obviously time for the Wayans Brothers to swoop in with their special brand of fart jokes and put it out of its misery for good.
                And so here comes “A Haunted House,” written by and starring Shawn and Marlon … wait a second. Just Marlon? Oh god. Shawn didn’t … um … he's OK right? Yes? Good. One Wayans Brother though? That doesn't sit right with my OCD.
                Anyway, so “A Haunted House” is the latest spoof from the Wayans Brother --- at least it's the good one, if you ask me. It’s targets are found footage movies including the aforementioned “Paranormal Activity” and other stuff like “The Devil Inside” and so forth.
                The Wayans Brother, as well as some other cast members, sat down with the good folks over at Shock Til You Drop to talk about the movie, which hits theaters tomorrow.
                A lot of standard stuff really. You can check out the whole six minute clip right here.
                There are however, two interesting moments.
                The first: Lady star of the movie, Essence Atkins, is totally cool with ripping “Scary Movie 5” from soup to nuts,” saying you can’t just string together random pop culture references and call it a movie, which Marlon quickly agrees with.
                Perhaps a WWF/WCW-style feud is brewing amongst the makers of awful spoof movies? Also, c’mon Marlon. Your “Scary Movies” had a little more story, but let’s not pretend they’re the “Godfather” or anything.
                The second? At one point Marlon calls comedy … spit take warning! Put down all beverages! … “a science.”
                Yup. Marlon Wayans said that. The trailer for the movie he’s promoting is nothing but fart jokes, sex references and slapstick. All of those things are fine and good, but I’m sure scientists out there are none too happy about being lumped in with that lot.
                Also, explain what formula results in "White Chicks?" Must have forgotten an ingredient or two. 
                “A Haunted House” opens tomorrow.
                Info: Shock Til You Drop

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