Wednesday, January 16, 2013

News: Dinos are back and some Razzie hate
Dinos back for another go-around

                You know what’s always, always, always a good idea? Pushing passed the trilogy mark and tacking a part four onto a successful franchise. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Seriously? Name something?
As Brian Fantana once said, “60% of the time it works every time.” I’m not sure about his math, there but by god it sounds right to me.  
So with that in mind, I give you this news: “Jurassic Park 4” is happening people. It’s happening and it has a release date: June 13, 2014.
Sure there’s no script, cast, or anything of substance really, but it’s got a date.
Steven Spielberg --- you might know him as the guy who made the first two, or as I like to call them: the all-time classic and the marginally underrated sequel --- is onboard to produce and only produce.
Screenwriting duties are in the more than capable hands of Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, the duo behind the very good “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”
Things aren’t looking too bad, really. I mean other than that whole “the third one was a complete cluster f outside of the fight between the T-Rex and Spinosaur and the end was among the most insulting pieces of garbage committed to film in recent memory so why even bother with a part four?” thing.  
Other than that though, yeah, blue skies.
Not everyone likes the Razzies

                Not really news, but I love a good rant.
                Over on the site Movies About Gladiators, writer Dustin Freeley took umbrage with the Golden Raspberry Awards. Took umbrage hard.
                He mused: “does anyone really care about a group that selects the most clearly awful films that weren’t trying to be good anyway? There is nothing like staying as close to the tree trunk as possible by picking an Adam Sandler-produced movie (which they did) or an Eddie Murphy joint (also did).”
                Freeley than goes on to suggest some other films which he deemed more worthy of the Razzies’ attention, films that were “trying to be good” but, in his opinion, failed: “This is 40”, “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (???),” “The Watch”, among others.
                Some holes to be poked. For starters, I doubt anyone went into a movie called Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning" expecting "The Godfather Part II."
                Also, I’m not sure where he got such a high opinion of Ben Stiller, but that guy has put out enough stinkers to at least give Sandler a run for his money. I’m not seeing much of a distinction.
                So his list is pretty suspect.
                My biggest concern though, is this whole idea that these movies the Razzies nominated weren’t trying to be good. Clearly Dustin has never heard Marlon Wayans call comedy a “science.” Hell, even Tommy Wiseau waxes poetic about his gloriously insane disaster “The Room.”
                I’m pretty sure most of these guys are think they’re making good movies. I’m sure Sandler’s not expecting an Oscar nod for his work in “That’s My Boy,” but he at least thinks he’s making a good movie for a certain audience. That audience being the millions of people who inexplicably like Adam Sandler movies.
                I do agree though, the Razzies would be well served to add a biggest disappointment/most deceptive trailer category. That way we can reward the biggest busts as well as the movies that truly were the worst.
                Because no matter how bad the “Jack and Jill” trailer looked, the reality was so much worse than anyone could have predicted.
                Info: Movies About Gladiators

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