Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cheese List Preview

                So let’s try this whole comedy thing again.
                Since season six of “Dexter” is currently tying up my Netflix account and iTunes has proven to be unreliable, my options are limited.
                However, I think I found a winner and it even stars one of the word’s most recognizable celebrities to boot.
                The film tells the tale of a young man, Nate, as he tries to win the fair hand of his childhood sweetheart, Cristabel. Unfortunately for Nate, there’s one giant obstacle standing in his way --- Cristabel’s unattractive best friend June. It seems June is also looking for a fella, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find one, even if it means using Cristabel as bait. So before Nate can woo the lady of his dreams, he first needs to find some poor schmuck to saddle with June.
                It’s downright Shakespearean. Here is …

                Credentials: 5%, Certified Rotten ( // 1.9 out of 10, # 34 on the Bottom 100 List ( // 7 out of 100 ( // Nominated for 5 Razzies at the 2009 Golden Raspberry Awards, won two (Worst Actress --- Paris Hilton, Worst On Screen Couple ---Paris Hilton, Christina Lakin, Joel David Moore) // Also won the Worst Actress of the Decade award for Paris Hilton at the 2010 Golden Raspberry Awards

                Richard Roeper, from Ebert and Roeper, called it “excruciatingly, painfully, horribly, terribly awful.” The man’s got a way with words.
                Not to be outdone, Dave White from theorized: “Hard time in the joint can change a person. Make them worse sometimes. And it would appear that this is Hilton's idea of revenge on a world she feels has done her wrong.”    
                As always, there was some positive. Stefan Birgir Stefansson from something called called “The Hottie and the Nottie” “an insult to mankind.”
                So yeah, that’s what I’ll be subjecting myself to this week. Join me … if you dare.
                Bumblebee tuna.

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