Wednesday, October 12, 2011

News: Universal backs down and 'Die Hard' gets a title
BREAKING NEWS: People like money more than Eddie
                Well surprise, surprise. No one wants to pay $60 to see an Eddie Murphy movie.
                Sorry, I probably should have put a spit-take warning in there somewhere. I’ll wait while you wipe your tasty beverage off the screen.
                Ok, so remember last week when Universal announced it would release the Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller comedy “The Tower Heist” onDemand a mere three weeks after its theatrical release? Do you also remember that Universal planned to charge customers an obscene $60 for the right to enjoy the movie from home? Do you lastly remember that theater owners were none too pleased with this idea because they (mistakenly) thought people would take Universal up on the insane proposal?
                Boy that’s a lot of remembering. Well go ahead and forget it all because Universal turned tail and ran in the face of possible boycotts by several theater chains.
                Universal isn’t giving up on the idea entirely, and says it will continue to work with theater owners to make it happen with a different film. Next time they’ll try one with a little bit more drawing power, I’d reckon. 
                Source: LA Times
‘Die Hard 5’ gets a punchy title AND a release date!
                Now, this isn’t really bad movie news, because the “Die Hard” franchise is fantastic, each film for different reasons.
                Still, I’d be remiss in my duties not to at least mention this bit of info, because without a doubt, the “Die Hard” films feature some of the silliest and most awesomely bad titles in cinema history.
                The latest entry, part five in the John McLean kick-ass cop saga will be forever known as… “A Good Day to Die Hard.”
                I’m serious.
                You have to respect the amount of thought the “Die Hard” crew puts into these titles. It would be so easy to just go with “Die Hard 5.” Or even lazier: Just call it “Die Hard,” even though a movie in the franchise already exists with that exact same name… I’m looking at you “The Thing” … (2011).
                “A Good Day to Die Hard,” (god I love it already) will storm into theaters on Valentine’s Day 2013.
                Source: Cinema Blend

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