Wednesday, October 5, 2011

News: 'Centipede 2' reviews and more zombies!

So far so bad for ‘Centipede 2’

            Well the reviews have started to trickle in for “Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence” and the results are--- as expected--- not pretty.
            Although, I must admit things are not as “not pretty” as I had anticipated. Apparently even a morbidly obese loner with a propensity for stitching people together mouth-to-butt can find love in this crazy world. And if not love, then begrudging acceptance.
            “Centipede 2” is currently tracking at 18% on with 17 reviews counted thus far.
            Considering Daniel Craig’s “Dream House” is sitting at 7% and Taylor Lautner’s “Abduction” is at 5% and neither features humans defecating into each other’s mouths, that 18% might as well be an Oscar. At the very least a Golden Globe.
            Sure it’s a far cry from the 50% that the original “Centipede” scored in 2009, but considering the over-the-top, visceral carnage of part two, this is got to be some sort of achievement for writer/director Tom Six. Maybe he can print out a screen shot of and hang it over his mantle.
            The AP recently released its review of the movie and even managed to get mildly poetic with its musings on who Six is poking fun at with his new main baddie, Martin. Is it horror fans? The mainstream media? The starting lineup of the 1996 Denver Broncos? The mayor? Sorry. Got carried away there.
            Check out their review, it’s worth a read.
            “Human Centipede 2” follows Martin as he attempts to recreate the events from the first film, only on a much grander scale.
            It opens on Oct. 7 in limited release.
Source: Yahoo Movies

‘Zombie’ heads back to theaters

            Lucio Fulci’s gorehound classic “Zombie” is headed back to theaters for two nights only--- Oct. 21 and 22.
            The 1979 film follows the extremely bloody exploits of a group of people who discover the undead on a tropical island.
            I remember watching this thing a long time ago and not really understanding what all the fuss was about. Sure the gore was cheesy fun, but overall I just wasn’t buying into it.
Maybe I was too young to appreciate its wiles back then. Everyone else seems to love it so I suppose I should give it another shot.
Likely not on the big screen though. I think I’m good on big screen zombies for a while.
            Although, for this reporter’s money, you’re just not going to find a better movie where a zombie does battle with a shark. True story.
            If you want to watch those two titans throw down in underwater fisticuffs, check out this list of participating theaters.
            Source: Blue Underground

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