Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News: The number 3 as in 'Hatchet' and 'Musketeers'

Familiar face takes control of ‘Hatchet’
                If you’re not wearing them already, I’d advise you to put in your ear plugs and brace yourselves for a fanboy/girl scream the likes of which hasn’t been heard since either Beatle-mania or Oprah went off the air.
                There WILL be a “Hatchet 3.” (closes eyes, plugs ears and waits for order to be restored)
                I know, I know. Everyone is very excited for the latest entry in the popular… nay BELOVED… horror franchise.
                I mean sure, “Hatchet 2” made exactly $52,604 during its one week long theatrical run back in October of 2010, but we’re much smarter as a society now. When you really think about it, 2010 was basically the stone ages.
          It takes a lot of moxie for a studio to commission a sequel to one of the most epic box office bombs of all time. I respect that.
                However, it’s not all lemonade and daffodils in “Hatchet” land. Adam Green, the director of the previous two films, will NOT be returning. His vacant director’s chair will be filled by BJ McDonnell, a camera operator from the first two entries. At least the franchise is in good hands.
                My advice: 3-D. Jack up those ticket prices. That way, even if less people see part three, it’ll still make more money than part two.
Yahoo Movies
“Three Musketeers’ premieres in London
                Speaking of 3-D, the latest offering from Paul W.S. Anderson (or as he’s also known: “The OTHER Paul Anderson”), “Three Musketeers 3-D” premiered in London tonight.
                So far, there have been no reports of mass rioting or extreme nausea coming from the U.K., which can only mean “Musketeers” is better than Anderson’s last few works.
                The film is a three dimensional retelling of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel about a lovable band of heroes out to defend France at all costs.
                Anderson’s version stars his wife, Mila Jovovich, a clearly confused Christoph Waltz (who must have thought he was working with the "Good Paul Anderson"), Orlando Bloom (who is apparently NOT retired or missing) and a bunch of other people.
                It opens wide on October 21.     
                Source: Yahoo Movies

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