Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News: Spielberg points the finger and 'Showgirls 2' on the way
George Lucas: Human punching bag
                George Lucas, the man who created and then savagely destroyed “Star Wars,” apparently can also be faulted for doing the same thing to “Indiana Jones.” I guess some folks just never learn.
                Lucas has been kicked in the butt by fanboys for years for his money-grubbing “Star Wars” prequels and endless tinkering with the classic original trilogy. Now a new, more expensive shoe has entered the ring and it just so happens to be worn by Lucas’ besty: Steven Spielberg.
                In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Spielberg was highly critical of the pair’s last outing, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
 Spielberg said he didn’t like the alien angle, but: “I am loyal to my best friend. When he writes a story he believes in - even if I don't believe in it - I'm going to shoot the movie the way George envisaged it."
So there you have it. Lucas will forever be known as the man who turned Darth Vader into a wimp and made Indiana Jones fight aliens.
There was one sword Spielberg was willing to fall on for his friend: It seems Spielberg came up with the whole nuke the fridge bit.
Classy move Steve, but you should’ve just blamed it on Lucas. Like anyone would believe him over you. Heck, if you said it, even Lucas would probably accept it as truth.
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Get ready for ‘Showgirls 2’ … seriously
                12% on Winner of 7 Razzies at the 1995 Golden Raspberry Awards (Worst Picture, Worst Actress- Elizabeth Berkley, Worst Director- Paul Verhoeven, Worst Screenplay, Worst New Star- Elizabeth Berkley, Worst Screen Couple- "any combination of two people or two body parts" and Worst Original Song- "Walk Into the Wind”). Nominated for 5 others. A Cheese List hopeful.
                Those are the impressive awards racked up by “Showgirls,” the 1995 film about a stripper’s (Elizabeth Berkley) transition to a Vegas dancer.
Considering the movie came out 16 years ago, it seemed like we were well out of the woods as far as a sequel was concerned.
Not so fast. A sequel has been made! Sure the sequel looks bad enough to skip right passed theaters, Blu-Ray and DVD and go right to VHS tape, but it’s a sequel nontheless.
Rena Riffel, who played “Penny Slot” in the original film, wrote, directed AND starred in. Never a good sign.
The trailer is truly an accomplishment worthy of this site. It features choppy editing, barely audible sound, grotesque acting and completely amateurish directing and titles. Any 12-year-old with a Mac could top this trailer in under 20 minutes.
Watch it, I beg you. The film itself premieres in LA on Nov. 9th. So, if you’re in the area…

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