Friday, October 14, 2011

News: Hitting the Silver Screen + '11-11-11' trailer action

‘Saw’ director agrees in theory with Harold Camping
                Darren Lynn Bousman, director of “Saw” 2-4, has some choice words for humanity in the new trailer for his number-themed thriller “11-11-11.” In a nutshell, he agrees with doomsday preacher Harold Camping’s bleak view of humanity’s future.
                Watch the trailer to find out just what he has to say. The clip is less than a minute long, but features some horribly clichéd voice over work. Bousman’s message comes right at the end, so I’d urge you to fast forward.
                “11-11-11” follows an American living abroad who uncovers the terrifying truth about the end of the world. Just picture “The Number 23,” but with 11 instead. Compelling and very umm… original… stuff. I bet you can’t guess when it hits theaters.
                How’d you know?
                Source: Bad Movie Nite
Hitting the silver screen
                                Stats: 72% Certified Fresh (
                                What critics said: “In terms of empty-headed exuberance, it’s hard to top ‘Footloose.” –Tom Long, Detroit News
                The Thing (2011)
                                Stats: 34% Certified Rotten (
                                What critics said: “It's the horror equivalent of one of those cheap, straight-to-video animated sequels that Disney's always putting out: same title, same story, none of the inspiration.” –Eric D. Snider,
                The Big Year
                                Stats: 39% Certified Rotten (
                                What critics said: “You doubt that even the people making it enjoyed it. A better title would be "The Big Yawn." –Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

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