Friday, October 21, 2011

News: 'Angry Birds' and Cheese in Theaters!
‘Angry Birds’ on the big screen?
                Are you ready for “Angry Birds: The Movie?” Well, I hope so because ready or not, the ball has started rolling.
                Rovio, the developer of the insanely popular game, has hired David Maisel to lead the way on the project. Maisel is the former head of Marvel Studios.
                Rovio also recently purchased a Helisinki-based animation studio. No word yet on whether “Angry Birds: The Movie” will be a regular old animated flick or some sort of awful “Scooby Doo,” “Alvin and the Chipmunks” mix of live action and crappy digital effects.
Truth be told, and I may be dating myself here, but I’ve never played “Angry Birds.” I have no idea what the game is about or why everyone on the planet is so obsessed with it. All I know is that it started on cell phones and is now everywhere.
So, I ask you, “Angry Birds” fans: Is there enough material in there to justify a movie, or is this some sort of half-assed cash grab before the next hot cell phone game comes along and steals its thunder?
I mean, almost no one cares about movies based on real video games, so why would anyone want to watch a movie based on a something you play while waiting in line at the grocery story?
Only time…
Source: Yahoo
Cheese in Theaters
                The Three Musketeers- 26% Certified Rotten (
                My thoughts: Really? A Paul Anderson movie got trashed by critics? Talk about short memories. Wow, I can’t believe they turned on the guy who made such classic films as “There Will Be Blood,” and “Boogie Nights” and… wait is that Milla Jovovich? Oh it’s THAT Paul Anderson. Nevermind. Everything seems to be in order here.
                The Mighty Macs- 46% Certified Rotten (
              My thoughts: Star David Boreanaz called into WIP this morning and he seemed very excited about this movie. Maybe one day if I have a daughter or two, I’ll sit them down and watch this on holo-vision or whatever replaces TV in the future. Until that point, “Moneyball” has sort taken care of me and sports movies for a while. I don’t really need to see two underdog stories in a row, so I’m good. Thanks though.
                Johnny English Reborn- 38% Certified Rotten (
                My thoughts: God I loved “Mr. Bean” when it was on the air. It was weird. Some of the episodes were hysterical and while others made me really sad. Something about Rowand Atkinson’s (He also plays Johnny English) performance as an adorable dimwit Londoner just tugged on the old heartstrings. That said, I never saw the first “Johnny English” and I can’t say that I’ll see this one. Still, “Mr. Bean” was great.   

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