Wednesday, October 19, 2011

News: The fish are back in town!

                Despite no longer having an official release date, “Piranha 3DD” has itself a trailer!

                The teaser debuted on the Spike TV Scream Awards on Tuesday evening and it's everything I ever dreamed it would be and more. My friends, this is what cinema should be.
                After watching the 30 second clip several dozen times, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Piranha 3DD” seems to have been made for anyone who felt the first film was too low-key and reserved.
                The teaser alone features an army of girls in skimpy bikinis running in super slo-mo, David Hasselhoff, Christopher Lloyd AND a man with two shotguns for legs. (Take that “Grindhouse.”)
                Oh yeah and there are some pissed off killer fish in there somewhere too.
                It’s all almost too much to comprehend. My mind is reeling. Heck, I’m still amazed they’re actually calling it “Piranha 3DD.”
Now that they’ve got moviegoers’ attention, Dimension Films NEEDS to get their act together and get this thing an official release date. Or just give it its old November date back. Just in time for Oscar season.
                Make it happen!
                Source: Joblo

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