Wednesday, February 29, 2012

News: New ‘Piranha 3DD’ trailer!!!

The latest trailer for “Piranha 3DD” just hit the interlink and it features pretty much exactly what you would expect from a film with that title… namely scantily clad lady types, lots of gore, cheesy humor and a guy with two shotguns for legs.
                Well, I guess the title really doesn’t prepare you for that last one.
                Either way, “Piranha 3DD” was one of my most anticipated movies of LAST year, and was high on my list for this year… until now.

                This new trailer. Ehhhh. “Piranha 3DD” seems to have turned the corner from “so bad it’s hilariously good” territory and did a belly flop right in “flat out bad” territory.
                I mean, I don’t care either way, I’m still going to watch the stupid thing, it’s what god put me on this planet to do. I’m just not all that excited about it anymore.
                The trailer seems to hint that the lovely Katrina Bowden won't make it. First something attacks her while she’s swimming and then later something moves under her skin while she’s in bed with some dude. WTF? Maybe... hopefully it's some sort of dream sequence (probably). Although hearing Christopher Lloyd’s piranha expert explain how a fish survived while living inside of a person would be very interesting.
                Also, is that a zombie Gary Busy eating a piranha at the 1:32 mark?
                Like I said, I’ll still see it, but I now expect to be more annoyed than entertained. Hey, studios! This is why you don’t play games with release dates! You had the public hooked and instead of reeling them in, you messed around and then you lost ’em.
                I make no apologies for the fishing puns. “Piranha 3DD” hits theaters April 5, 2012.
                Source: Youtube  

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