Wednesday, February 22, 2012

News: Academy hates fun + new 'Reunion' trailer
Academy puts foot down on fun

                For many moons, the NFL has been known as the “No Fun League,” due to its hatred of touchdown celebrations and near-constant attempts to litigate anything that could remotely be construed as fun out of the game.
                Despite that humorous title, the NFL is a party-poopin’ amateur when compared to another organization.
                Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. For starters, the group is comprised of more stodgy, old white dudes than either house of Congress. For more eye-opening stats, click here.
                With all those boring old white dudes running the show, is it any wonder that the same types of “meh” movies tend to win each year, while gold like “Warrior” sits on the sidelines?
                The latest battle in the Academy’s war on fun took place when beloved funnyman and star of the much-nominated “Hugo” Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to inject some life into the celebrity red carpet entrances.        
                Cohen wanted to dress like his character from his upcoming film “The Dictator” and share some laughs with whatever schmoe E! News has standing nearby.
                Sensing enjoyment could result from this, the Academy banned Cohen from the show, even though he promised to change into a suit once inside.
                Sure it’s a gimmicky bit of self-promotion, but who cares? The whole show is gimmicky self-promotion! Let Cohen do his thing for god sakes!          
                Source: Joblo

More ‘American Reunion’ nonsense

                There’s a new trailer out for the latest “American Pie” sequel, creatively titled “American Reunion.” Yay.

                I’m torn, personally. I’m not sure what I want to fail more, this or the equally creatively-bankrupt “Battleship.” Perplexing.
                While I sort this out, America, how bout we just all agree to skip both? Hmm? Look, if you have to see them, at least do the world a favor and have the good sense to watch them illegally online, would you?
                Uhhh… I mean, don’t do that. Because it’s wrong. Just like making a movie out of a board game and putting another “American Pie” movie into theaters.
                Well, the trailer features the usual collection of poop and sex jokes, so if you’re a 13 year old boy, you should be in all your glory. For the rest of us, just close your eyes and enjoy the classic 90’s soundtrack.
                I love me some Semisonic.
                Source: Youtube

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