Thursday, February 16, 2012

News: Huge, apocalyptic, mind-blowing, explosive ‘Transformers’ news

                Brace yourselves folks. Better put the kids to bed, secure all small animals in a safe location and remove any sharp objects from your general area.
                Josh Duhamel, the iconic star of the “Tranformers” franchise, has NOT yet been contacted to reprise his memorable role as “some army guy” in the upcoming fourth chapter in the hit robot-fighting series.
                Not only has the “Tranformers” franchise turned its back on a very vital and necessary participant in Duhamel, but apparently NONE of the other humans from the previous films have been contacted yet either.
“I don’t think anybody’s doing it,” Duhamel told E! online. What does that mean exactly?
  • Shia “Beefcake” LaBeouf. Gone.
  • Tyrese. Gone.
  • The British model who replaced Megan Fox. Gone.
  • Megan Fox. Presumably still gone.
  • The parents. God-willing they’re gone too.
                Dear god. It’s almost as if the series’ human element was utterly, utterly expendable in every sense of the word. As if producers believed the franchise could survive and be profitable SOLEY based on computer effects and nostalgia.
                If this really is the end of the “Tranformers” clan as we know it, at least we’ll always have the good times. Like when Megan Fox worked on that car in part one. And when the model got out of that car in part three. And when Tyrese and Josh D. got to do stuff that one time. And hours upon hours of Shia LaBeouf shouting robot’s names dramatically.
                Source: Joblo

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