Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Adam Sandler movie yawn

                God, not much going on in the world of crappy movies. Just some more trailer talk. Although, this one is a bit of a doozy.

                Doesn’t Adam Sandler have enough money yet? I mean for the love of god does he REALLY need to force feed America 3-4 lousy movies every stinking year?
                Take some time off, Adam! Go see the world. Maybe try your hand at carpentry or something. Just stop making movies for a while.
                His latest, “That’s My Boy,” is rated R! Oh boy! So that means we can say the script is comprised entirely of “shit jokes” instead of “poop jokes.” Great.
                Even better is the fact that Andy Sandberg is also in this thing, playing Sandler’s kid. The only good thing Sandberg has ever done that didn’t involve Justin Timberlake was “Lazy Sunday.” Otherwise, to me, he’s a physical embodiment of the steaming crap storm that has replaced “SNL” for the last decade or so.
                Anyway, Sandler plays a deadbeat man child of a dad whose own son has gone on to great success. Turns out the father hasn’t been paying his taxes, so he goes to hit up the son for money. Along the way, the dad learns some sort of life lesson about the importance of family. Or something. Who cares.
                Sandler, please, think of the children. Your country NEEDS you to stop making movies.
                Source: Youtube  

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