Thursday, March 15, 2012

News: Piranhas, centipedes... and uh Twitter. Oh my!
Ugh… “Human Centipede 3” news

                What’s there left to say about “Human Centipede” director Tom Six that hasn’t already been said about a backed-up septic system… or milk left out under the scorching July sun?
                Let’s get this over with. The guy behind the low-budget, gross-out series took to Twitter--- they’ll let just anyone on Twitter these days--- to shed some light on the third and god-willing final chapter of the “Centipede” saga. 
                Six said: “#humancentipede3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style!” He added that it “will feature a porn-style centipede the size of one of those porn star sex competitions.”
                Of course it will. After the hurricane of gross that was part 2, man needed to top himself somehow. My guess is for part 4, Six is just going to show up in theaters and take a dump in audience member’s popcorn.
                To the handful of people who support this man, enjoy. You’ve earned it.
                Source: Joblo

‘Piranha’ finally gets official release date!

                I’ve been over my thoughts about Dimension’s idiotic decision to delay the release of “Piranha 3DD” already.
                Well, the thing finally has an official release date: June 1.
                When “Piranha” was due to come out in November, I was excited. Now it’s scheduled to come out about a month and a half before “The Dark Knight Rises.” Needless to say, my obsessive personality is a little occupied with that film.
                Also, I’m not sure how wise it is to try to open a John Gulager movie in the summer. Better to just fly him under the radar, but what do I know?
                MEH, either way you ruined it for me Dimension. I should have seen this three or four times by now, instead I’ll only see it once, Sad times.
                Source: Shock Til You Drop   

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