Thursday, March 29, 2012

News: Hi-yo it's papa... Murphy

Stay classy again... planet Earth!

                Every so often a movie comes along that changes things forever. As The Joker once said, “there’s no going back.”
                A movie that rattles the Earth to its icy core and sends shock waves to the furthest reaches of the solar system, passed Pluto, beyond Planet X and into the infinite grasp of the universe.
                A movie whose cultural impact can’t be measured, calculated or even fathomed until centuries later. At the earliest.  
                For those of us who walked the Earth during that year of our lord 2004, “Anchorman” was that kind of film. And thanks to the wonders of DVD and Blu-Ray, the magic of “Anchorman” is available for generations to come.
                And now comes this news. Announced on TBS’s “Conan” last night.

                Yup. A sequel. Now, on the surface that sort of news should be enough to make a wolverine purr and drive the ladies wild. Real good times for all.
                Except, I hear no purrs. All I hear are nervous whispers and troubled sighs. Why?
                What are the odds that “Anchorman 2” turns out to be “The Godfather Part 2?” Or, better example, “Terminator 2?” Sequels that managed to one-up their beloved predecessors.
                The original “Anchorman” perhaps was lightning in a bottle. It’s going to be extremely hard to recapture that again, even for a man of Will Ferrell’s stature. Even if Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Steven Carell, Christina Applegate, Ling Wong the Panda and director Adam McKay return.
                It’s never-wracking. I will hold out hope for the best. But if it fails, I promise to send “Anchorman 2” to the ugly depths of The Cheese List for all of time.
                Until it enters theaters, we must wait. And wonder.
                Source: Team Coco

Eddie Murphy is really horrible

                I don’t know if you noticed, I sure as heck didn’t until just this minute.
                Eddie Murphy’s latest crapfest “A Thousand Words” is currently sitting at an astounding 0% on movie review aggregator site
                0%! That means it hasn’t received a single mostly positive review. Really amazing stuff.
                Now, in case you’re keeping score at home, this is literally rock bottom for Murphy, whose career has been in a historic nose dive for the last… few decades.
                Murphy’s previous low point had been 2002’s “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” which clocked in at 6% on Even 2007’s universally reviled “Norbit” managed to scrounge up a 9% rating.
                The good news for Murphy and moviegoers is, if he’s still allowed to make movies after this, there is nowhere to go but up. Or, you know, I guess he could maintain. I like to be optimistic though. No I don’t.
                Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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