Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News: Trailer round-up

                Not much news worth mentioning, so how’s about a quick roundup of some crappy-looking new trailers? Sure, who wouldn’t want that for their Wednesday evening? Stay inside, avoid the lovely weather and park yourself down in front of the computer for some gibberish. The good life.  
                Well, let’s start with the new trailer for the Farrelly brothers take on “The Three Stooges.”
                The first one was wholly unimpressive and it’s good to see the lads are consistent. This new trailer is also very unimpressive.
                There’s loads of slapstick violence that just somehow lacks the charm of the original. Also, this new trailer seems to have swapped Sofia Vergera in for Kate Upton. I guess depending on your preference, that’s either a good thing. Kind of a push really.
                Oh well, it looks awful so let’s all not see it.

                And then we’ve got the red band “Piranha 3DD” trailer. This is pretty much the exact same thing as the first trailer for “Piranha 3DD” except it features a lot of… hmm… not sure if I’m allowed to say this word on the internet, but I’ll try… boobies.

                Hopefully that word didn’t get censored. As of now, a SWAT team hasn’t come crashing in through my window which means Rick Santorum isn’t president yet and the internet is still a bastion of freedom and immorality. Like god intended.
                Anyway, I’ve been over my feelings on this movie. Not all that interested anymore. But hey, can you believe “The Dark Knight Rises” comes out this year? I know! So awesome!
                Here’s the trailer for that. 
                Source: Youtube

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