Wednesday, March 7, 2012

News: Eric Foreman calls Lucas a dumbass

We have a saying around my house: You live by the sword, you die by the sword. It’s one of those family things, you know. We write it to each other in Christmas cards, say it before meals, have it tattooed on our wrists.
                Usual stuff, really.
                Anyway, that old family motto seems extremely appropriate in regards to this story.
                George Lucas, the king of the tinkerers, has just had his films tinkered with… by someone else! Burn! Extra burn? The man responsible is none other than… Topher f’n Grace star of “That 70’s Show” and uhhh other things.
                Grace took Lucas’ three “Star Wars” prequels and edited them together into ONE 85 minute long movie. That’s one hour and 25 minutes. The length of your average Adam Sandler movie. The prequel trilogy originally totaled almost SEVEN hours. Holy lord.
                Among the highlights of Grace’s edit:
  • Jar Jar Binks is reduced to ONE line
  • Jake Lloyd’s young Anakin is totally gone
  • No General Grevious (Sad)
  • No Trade Federation, midichlorians, Gungans, etc.
                Basically, Grace cut out all the fluff and crap and left 85 coherent minutes that tell basically the same story (Anakin’s rise and eventual fall) without wasting everyone’s time.
                Grace screened his cut in Hollywood for a group of his friends and that will likely be the end of it. There are obviously copyright problems that go along with this kind of project. In order for anything more than the occasional private screening to take place, Lucas would need to grant permission.
And let’s face it, that seems… unlikely isn’t a strong enough word… snowballs have better chances in hell.
Apparently, Grace’s version is pretty good. So “Star Wars” geeks everywhere can take solace in the fact that Lucas, the perpetual changer of his films, has finally gotten beaten at his own game.
Read the full recap here. Definitely worth it.
Source: Slashfilm

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