Wednesday, September 28, 2011

News: 2-D and grindhouse reign supreme

Back to plain old boring 2-D

            Hopefully everyone out there is content with watching movies in two dimensions, because that third one is about to cost even more.
            Sony Pictures announced it’s sick and tired of footing the eye-wear bill for America’s waning love affair with 3-D and other studios could follow suit.
            Naturally, they’ve decided to pass the buck right along to theater chains. And if you think for one second your local cinema can afford thousands and thousands of cheap plastic glasses, you are sorely mistaken.
            Despite the laughably high price tag on a bucket of popcorn, theaters aren’t exactly rolling in the dough thanks to lopsided deals they made with the big Hollywood studios.
            So, theaters will likely do what all good businesses do:  Screw over their customers by making them customers pay for it.
            The news isn’t all bad. Maybe the higher prices will scare away enough customers to kill off 3-D for a second time. Only seven more revivals to go and we should be rid of the hokey gimmick for good.
            Source: Joblo

‘Grindhouse’ classics come to DVD

Sadly not this one...
            Sadly, none of them are my beloved “Grindhouse: The Full Theatrical Experience.” One day though, come on Tarantino and Rodriguez! Make it happen!
            Full Moon Entertainment, the studio behind the cheese-tastic “Puppetmaster” franchise, has gotten their mitts on the rights to some older grindhouse classics.
The plan is to release them upon the world on Oct. 21, just in time for Halloween.
A quick glance at some of the titles on the list has me convinced Oct. 21 might end up being Christmas for horrible movie fans.
“Mutant Hunt,” “Necropolis” and “Zombiethon” are some of the highlights.
Check out some cover art here or take a look at the full list here.

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