Thursday, September 29, 2011

News: The Dutch conquer Christmas and Zombie's plus one

Dutch Christmas/horror combo heads stateside

            Christmas and horror movies typically go together like lamb and tuna fish. Outside of Bob Clarke’s classic “Black Christmas,” and Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” the cross-seasonal mash-up has been a colossal failure.
            However, the Dutch are out to change all that with “St. Nick,” which will be hitting stores across the USA on December 20th.
If you’re looking for any last minute stocking stuffers, take a look at this plot summary:
            St. Nick is a disgraced bishop who wreaks havoc all throughout the countryside along with a band of ravenous thieves. Nick’s reign of terror is bought to a fiery end when a gang of locals decide to take the law into their own hands and burn him alive.
            As is often the case, Nick didn’t take to kindly to that and returns every December 5 if there’s a full moon to take his bloody revenge.
            Can the Dutch successfully blend scares and candy canes? Stay tuned…
            Source: Bad Movie Nite

Another brave soul joins Zombie’s “Lords of Salem”

            And amazingly it’s not Sherri Moon Zombie, the wife of “Salem” director/writer and perennial Cheese List favorite Robert Zombie.
            Nope, Sherri’s still not on the bill yet, but come on. We all know she’ll be making an appearance. In this economy, Zombie can’t afford to keep his gal pal out of work for long.
            Anywho, joining the cast is… wait for it… Torsten Voges!
            Who is Torsten Voges? You might just remember him as the tall blonde doctor Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler at some fun with in “Funny People.”
            Voges will be playing the lead signer of a Norwegian death metal band.
            “Lords of Salem” infuses horror and heavy metal, two of Zombie’s specialties, so there’s no excuses if this one is as bad as his last three movies (well more like 2 ¾ movies, part of “Devil’s Rejects was ok). We could be in store for a return to form for Zombie or another epic defeat. Either way, The Cheese List wins.
            Source: Arrow in the Head

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