Tuesday, September 27, 2011

News: New trailers for 'Centipede' and zombies

‘Centipede 2’ trailer features two kinds of centipedes! 


                Get out your barf bags boys and girls. The first full length trailer for “Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence” weaseled its way online today and the results are actually less disgusting than anticipated.
Then again, this is only the first trailer, so no need to give up hope yet fans of perverted, stomach-turning horror!
                The trailer contains lots of shots of centipedes, both human and insect, slithering around while new baddie “Martin” does horrible, horrible things.
                In case you haven’t heard, Martin is a mentally ill loner who becomes obsessed with the first film, so much so that he decides to recreate it in a nearby warehouse. Being a mentally ill loner, however, he gets a little carried away. Instead of attaching three people together mouth-to-butt, he decides to go with 12!            
                Considering he’s not a surgeon or even a fully functioning human being, I have no idea how he’s able to do that, but he does. So sayeth director Tom Six!
                Maybe the source of Martin’s impressive surgical prowess will be revealed on Oct. 7th when “Human Centipede 2” hits theaters. I won’t know, however, because I won’t be seeing it. I spend my free time watching horrible movies, but even I won’t sink that low.
                Source: Joblo.com

ZOMG it’s zombies in 3-D!!  
                While we’re on the subject of trailers, a new trailer surfaced today for “Night of the Living Dead 3-D: Re-Animation.”
                This is the sequel to a 2006 remake of George Romero’s zombie classic which I never knew existed. Not only did it exist, but apparently it starred Sid Haig as well.
                And this one sounds like a real winner. First off, it stars two B-movie icons in Andrew Divoff (“Wishmaster”) and Jeffrey Combs (“Re-Animator”) as brothers who go face-to-face with a zombie apocalypse.
                But that’s not what the trailer’s about. No sir. The trailer focuses on a character called “Sister Sarah,” a folksy political nut who bears a striking resemblance to a character Tina Fey played on “SNL” not too long ago.
                My first thought after seeing the trailer was: “Is this really a movie?” I won’t step on it, but give the trailer a watch. Left wing types especially might get a chuckle out of it.
                Source: Bad Movie Nite

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