Thursday, May 24, 2012

News: Rock moves, 'Exorcist' hits the small screen

Dude is huge!
Rock gets jiggy... with March...
of next year

                Brace yourselves chickadees. The Rock is on the move.
                Paramount has decided to move Mr. The Rock’s latest work, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” out of its June 29 release date and push it all the way back until March 29, 2013.
                These sorts of moves are rarely a good sign (remember poor “Piranha 3DD”).
                Paramount is insisting this isn’t a quality-related move, but was done to allow director John Chu time to convert it into 3-D.
                Also, the People’s Champ (Rock, duh) has said additional scenes are being designed to add to the 3D experience of it all. I can only assume--- and hope--- those scenes involve The Rock’s biceps is some way, shape or form. Am I right ladies? You know what I’m talking about! Up top!
                Regardless of release date, I’ll be seeing “G.I. Joe 2” even though I never saw or cared about part one, for the same reason I saw “Fast Five” despite not seeing most of the “Fast and the Furious” sequels: The Rock makes everything better.
                Source: Huffington Post

Getting Aja vibes from this guy...
‘Exorcist’ heads to TV

                If there was ever a film franchise known for its eternal, rock-solid quality and consistency, it was “The Exorcist.”
                Whoops! There I go again, confusing “Exorcist” and “The Godfather.” Silly me!
                No, “The Exorcist” franchise is a wildly inconsistent, borderline schizophrenic mess consisting of a classic (“The Exorcist”), an offensive steaming pile (“The Exorcist II: The Heretic”), two duds (“The Exorcist: The Beginning” and “Dominion”) and one pretty decent effort (“The Exorcist III: Legion”).
                And now you can go on ahead and add a TV show into the mix.
                Sean Durkin, writer-director of “Martha Marcy May Marlene” is working on a ten episode TV series based around the events of the first film. But don’t call it a remake!
                The series outline goes like this, according to Vulture:
“Durkin’s version of THE EXORCIST follows the events leading up to a demonic possession and especially the after-effects of how a family copes with it: In short, not well (really, after you start seeing stuff like this, can you blame them?), and when medical and psychiatric explanations fail, the desperate family turns to the church, with Father Damien Karras finally brought in to attempt the exorcism.”
Can I get a meh? I always ask myself in these situations: Do we need this? I mean, really need it? Don’t think so.  
I may not be at all interested in this project, but the horror genre’s history with TV is as unruly and unpredictable as “The Exorcist” franchise, so maybe this is a match made in… hell… after all.
Get it? Hell? Cuz it’s about demons. Slap those knees!
Source: JoBlo

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