Thursday, May 17, 2012

News: 'Battleship' smart and complex

This wild and crazy universe of ours is just full of mysteries. What’s the meaning of life? Is there life on other worlds? Why do people keep going to see those Chipmunk movies?
                But moments ago, while reading this week’s Entertainment Weekly, I encountered a mystery so shocking, so mind-bending, I had to discuss it.
                Hell, the fact that I was even reading Entertainment Weekly is a mystery in and of itself. I canceled my subscription months ago and yet each week a new issue finds its way onto my doorstep.
                I know I’m not paying for it and yet, there it is, like clockwork. Sometimes it comes complete with a “we swear this is the last one” letter from the generous folks at EW, but there’s always another issue right behind it.
 I have no idea how that company is making any money, but if you’re still paying for your EW subscription, I urge you to cancel now. You’ll save yourself some cash and still get the magazine. Win-win. Except for EW, that is.
Whilst I was paging through this week’s complimentary copy, I came upon the “Must List,” which contains 10 things you must do, see, read, etc. Guess what was sitting at number one?
“Battleship” with a bullet! Freaking “Battleship!” Against my better judgment, I decided to read the magazine’s explanation why. And I quote: “Director Peter Berg morphs a kid’s board game into an electrifying, surprisingly complex action movie…”

Complex!?! What the what? Later on in the magazine, a reviewer gave “Battleship” a B+ and called it essentially a smarter “Pearl Harbor” with aliens. The reviewer also said the filmmakers deserve a medal. Again: What the what?
I never thought I would live in a world where “Battleship” got a positive review, let alone got called smarter than something or recommended for medals!
Mind-reeling, I headed over to and saw “Battleship” is currently sitting at 39%, Certified Rotten, so all hope is not lost.
Still, the mystery remains. EW is a (sorta) premiere publication. Could “Battleship” actually be worth our time, America? Could it really be more than “Transformers” + Liam Neeson and water? That’s a heavy question, one I’m certainly not ready to tackle. I’ll let my boy Stephen Hawking handle that one, while I get back to that whole “time travel” thing. I got a theory on that one…
Source: Entertainment Weekly

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