Friday, May 4, 2012

News: Go Go gals get... poster

Well, boys and girls, we’ve got us an early frontrunner for this year’s Oscar ceremony.
                If you’re like me and you like to get an early start in your Oscar pool, you should probably just go right ahead and pencil this one into the Best Picture column now and save some time. This thing is so freakin’ Oscar-baity that it makes “The King’s Speech” look like something a hobo dreamed up.
                I’m of course talking about “Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis.” I mean just look at that brand new poster to the left. Look at it! “Big boobs, big guns, big trouble?” It’s everything a tagline should be.
                In case you were curious, “Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis” tells the epic story of a small Wisconsin town under siege by vile Nazis unleashed by the equally vile Mayor. One can only assume, a troupe of local ladies will be tasked with fighting them off.
                That’s all the info currently available, but it’s enough.
                So, yeah, pretty much just go on ahead and suck it Harvey Weinstein, because this year’s Oscars are already spoken for. Go peddle your wares elsewhere. Or come back next year.
                Source: More Horror

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