Thursday, April 19, 2012

News: Even more footage is found!

Oh hey look, another found footage movie. “Area 407?” Man that’s an awful, completely unremarkable and unmemorable title that tells you nothing about the movie it's attached to. It’s like “John Carter,” but with numbers.
                OK, let’s see what pathetic, cheap gibberish we’ve got here …   
                Woah, woah, woah. Hold the phone. Was that… dinosaurs? OMG! Sweet jesus lord, yes. I am so on board with this movie now.
                In case you’re one of those folks who doesn’t bother watching the videos I careful select and post for your viewing pleasure (Janice), “Area 407” is about a plane that crashes on a mysterious island. Those lucky enough to survive the crash, soon find themselves face-to-face with evil government operatives and dinosaurs. But mostly dino-freakin-saurs.
                The still-awfully titled “Area 407” will be in select theaters on April 27, as well as all manner of different new agey, streaming internet stuff. These kids today.         
                Source: CinemaBlend

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